These are download links for a few viruses. You can give them to people you hate, or you can use them for a practical joke.

Some of them are just .exe files, and some are rar archives containg multiple files, e.g. readmes or files that automaticly moves the virus.

Downloads Description Filetype

Moves the mouse randomly around



Ayyy LMAO virus. Activates at a random day.


Annoying virus

The randommouse.exe and Virus.exe programs fucks withe the cursor position and make random messages appear.

The Virus.bat copies all files to the startup folder and starts them automaticly.

The Infect.bat just starts virus.bat.


Windows Error

Displays error message on startup


Random Sounds

Runs in the background and plays random sounds at random times.


Internet Disconnection

Disconnects the internet connection every eight minutes or so. Extremely annoying and hard to figure out.


Spam Desktop Startup

Continuesly creates new folders on the desktop and in the starup folder until the computer crashes.

When the computer rebboots it will try to open all the folders and crash again.


Force Ping IP

Ping a desired target


Password Cracker

A password cracker. Run it on a computer and it will find saved passwords.


USB Worm

Donate your friends passwords to us! Spreads automaticly over USB and sends passwords to us. Works best with Windows 7


Notice Me Senpai!