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Category Title Size Date Seeders Peers Source
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City [PAL/NTSC / RUS]7.3 GB2020-08-0920RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II [GOD] [FreeBoot] [Region Free / ENG]7.47 GB2020-08-0360RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Need For Speed: ProStreet [Freeboot/JTAG] + [DLC] [NTSC-U/ENG]5.63 GB2020-08-0230RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition [GOD] [FreeBoot] [Region Free / ENG]6.81 GB2020-07-29313RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition [GOD] [FreeBoot] [Region Free / ENG]12.18 GB2020-07-2830RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Red Faction: Guerrilla [PAL / RUS]7.3 GB2020-07-1900RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Bioshock 2 [PAL / ENG+RUS]7.3 GB2020-07-1900RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Alan Wakes American Nightmare [RUSSOUND][v1.1](Релиз от R.G.DShock)1.32 GB2020-07-1740RuTracker
Console/Xbox 360[XBOX360] Alan Wakes American Nightmare [RUSSOUND][v1.1](Релиз от R.G.DShock) [Region Free / RUS]...1.32 GB2020-07-1701RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Alan Wake [RUSSOUND] (Релиз от R.G.DShock)7.38 GB2020-07-1770RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Final Exam [GOD][XBLA][RUS-ZoG](R.G.DShock)768.51 MB2020-07-1710RuTracker
Console/Xbox 360[XBOX360] Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Elements [GOD][RUSSOUND](R.G.DShock) [Region Free / RUS]6.09 GB2020-07-1612RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Elements [GOD][RUSSOUND](R.G.DShock)6.09 GB2020-07-1650RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Assassin's Creed 2 Game of the Year Edition [PAL / RUS]6.36 GB2020-07-0430RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Dragon Age: Inquisition [Proper][JTAGRip][RUS/ENG/POL/Multi7] NO HDD 4GB EDITION12.98 GB2020-06-0630RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] NBA Elite 11 [DEMO / ENG]813.61 MB2020-06-0210RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Half-Life 2: The Orange Box V3.0 [FREEBOOT / RUSSOUND]3.92 GB2020-05-2640RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] NBA Jam [GOD] [FreeBoot] [Region Free / ENG]1.23 GB2020-05-2410RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Need For Speed Underground 2 [GOD] [FreeBoot] [Region Free / ENG]2.53 GB2020-05-2267RuTracker
Console/Xbox 360[XBOX360] [PC][SOFT] Xbox 360 PC, Xenia - Xbox 360 [Region Free / ENG]14.67 MB2020-05-1020RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Sonic Riders [GOD] [FreeBoot] [Region Free / ENG]2.44 GB2020-05-0840RuTracker
Console/Xbox 3606 in 1 XBOX360 GAMES PACK iCMAL TGx79.52 GB2020-05-04261337x
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] FIFA 17 Dimanchez Edition [FULL][XBL-BUILD][GOD][RUS/RUSSOUND/ENG/POL/MULTI][+Title Update...7.04 GB2020-04-1780RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Взломанный эмулятор XBOX Original для XBOX360 [FreeBoot]38.32 MB2020-04-1690RuTracker
Console/Xbox 360[XBOX360] XBOX Original XBOX360 [FreeBoot]38.32 MB2020-04-1650RuTracker
Console/XBox 360Mega_Man_10_XBLA_XBOX360 XBLAplus193.92 MB2020-04-16201337x
Console/XBox 360Mega Man 9 XBLA XBOX360 FYK88.72 MB2020-04-16201337x
Console/XBox 360Ms Pac Man XBLA XBOX360 FYK11.91 MB2020-04-16111337x
Console/XBox 360Golden Axe XBLA XBOX360 CLANDESTiNE58.11 MB2020-04-16101337x
Console/XBox 360Frogger 2 XBLA XBOX360 FYK78.21 MB2020-04-16101337x
Console/XBox 360Golden Axe 2 XBLA XBOX360 FYK58.1 MB2020-04-16001337x
Console/XBox 360Duke_Nukem_Manhattan_Project_XBLA_XBOX360 XBLAplus246.6 MB2020-04-16001337x
Console/XBox 360Duke Nukem 3D XBLA USA XBOX360 Open36084.8 MB2020-04-16001337x
Console/XBox 360Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition XBLA XBOX360 dumpTruck243.9 MB2020-04-16001337x
Console/XBox 360Frogger XBLA XBOX360 CLANDESTiNE23 MB2020-04-16001337x
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Обновления для игр Fight Night Round 4 - EA Sports MMA - Fight Night Champion и сохранения...85.48 MB2020-04-0411RuTracker
Console/Xbox 360[XBOX360] Fight Night Round 4 - EA Sports MMA - Fight Night Champion - + [FreeBoot]85.48 MB2020-04-0430RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360E] Fight Night Round 3 [FreeBoot - ENG]1.78 GB2020-03-2720RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 [FREEBOOT][GAME][AllDLC][TU8][RUS][Multi8]7.54 GB2020-03-2783RuTracker
Console/Xbox 360[XBOX360E] 9 спортивных игр от XBOX Original для XBOX360 [FreeBoot - ENG]17.63 GB2020-03-2601RuTracker
Console/Xbox 360[XBOX360E] 9 XBOX Original XBOX360 [FreeBoot - ENG]17.63 GB2020-03-2601RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360E] NBA Street Vol. 2 [FreeBoot - ENG]1.32 GB2020-03-2020RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Far Cry Classic [FULL][XBLA][Retail][RUSSOUND][RUS TXT][Fixed][Unlocked]1.96 GB2020-03-0641RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360E] Prince of Persia The Two Thrones [FREEBOOT][JTAG][RUSTXT][RUSoundVIDEO][Proper]1.39 GB2020-02-2770RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin [FREEBOOT][FULL][ALL DLC][RUS][Multi11][Calibratio...6.64 GB2020-02-2280RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360]SNES NES SEGA GBA PCEngine Ромы + Эмуляторы[FREEBOOT][ENG][JAP][RUS]4.75 GB2020-02-0842RuTracker
Console/Xbox 360[XBOX360]SNES NES SEGA GBA PCEngine + [FREEBOOT][ENG][JAP][RUS]4.75 GB2020-02-08167RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Gears of War - Quadrilogy Pack [Freeboot/Rus/FullRus][+30 DLC][+TU]32.49 GB2020-02-0461RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] The Simpsons Hit & Run [FREEBOOT][FULL][JTAG]1.8 GB2020-02-0420RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Black [FREEBOOT][FULL][JTAG][RUS TXT][RUS Sub VIDEO]2.13 GB2020-01-1341RuTracker