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Console/XBox[Original Xbox] XEMU (2022/01/12) [ENG]48.25 MB2022-01-2420RuTracker
Console/XBox[Xbox] James Bond 007:From Russia With Love [NTSC/RUS]1.98 GB2022-01-1825RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] [FULL][DLC] Ninja Gaiden II [RUSSOUND] (Релиз от R.G.DShock) [Region Free / Русский, Япон...6.99 GB2022-01-0834RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] [PC][SOFT] Эмулятор Xbox 360 для PC, Xenia - Xbox 360 [Region Free / ENG]16.24 MB2022-01-0452RuTracker
Console/XBox 360CloneCD MB2022-01-0350RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] XEMU (2021/12/03) [ENG]48.25 MB2021-12-2230RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX 360] Venetica [RUSSOUND][Region Free/PAL]7.3 GB2021-11-2320RuTracker
Console/XBox 360Tony Hawks Pro Skater Series Xbox 360 Emulator Direct Play12.94 GB2021-11-14411337x
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Omerta: City Of Gangsters [Region Free/RUS]7.3 GB2021-11-1023RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Spider-Man: Web of Shadows [GOD] [Freeboot] [Region Free / ENG]7.08 GB2021-10-1832RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox]Cxbx Reloaded Git (2021/09/07) [ENG]5.28 MB2021-09-1930RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Remember Me [FREEBOOT / RUSSOUND]6.32 GB2021-08-12152RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Overlord II [Freeboot / RUS]2.12 GB2021-07-24110RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Blue Dragon [ISO] [Region Free / ENG]21.89 GB2021-07-2132RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Need For Speed Carbon [RUS/ENG / REGION FREE]3.05 GB2021-07-1820RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Need for Speed ProStreet Complete Edition [FREEBOOT][JTAG][RUS/RUSSOUND][+TU2][+ALL DLC]5.52 GB2021-06-26154RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [Region Free / RUS]3.27 GB2021-06-24102RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Phantom Crash [ENG \ Region Free]2.54 GB2021-06-2001RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Toxic Grind [ENG \ Region Free]728.59 MB2021-06-1320RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout [ENG \ Region Free]1.01 GB2021-06-1320RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] UFC: Tapout 2 [ENG \ Region Free]1.13 GB2021-06-1302RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Apex - Racing Evoluzione [ENG \ Region Free]988.21 MB2021-06-0920RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Azurik - Rise of Perathia [ENG \ Region Free]1.55 GB2021-06-0920RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer [ENG \ Region Free]1.8 GB2021-06-0641RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Hunter: The Reckoning [ENG \ Region Free]3.53 GB2021-06-0640RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] NightCaster: Defeat the Darkness [ENG \ NTSC]782.81 MB2021-06-0620RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Loons: The Fight for Fame [ENG \ NTSC]2.21 GB2021-06-0603RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Mad Dash Racing [ENG \ Region Free]1.19 GB2021-06-0620RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Blinx 2 - Masters of Time & Space [ENG / REGION FREE]2.43 GB2021-06-0502RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Blinx: The Time Sweeper [ENG / REGION FREE]964.91 MB2021-06-0501RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] WWE WrestleMania 21 [ENG / REGION FREE]2.51 GB2021-06-0520RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick [ENG / PAL]2.42 GB2021-06-0202RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] RLH: Run Like Hell [ENG / REGION FREE]4 GB2021-05-3121RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Manhunt [Uncensored][FREEBOOT][FULL][JTAG][RUS TXT] (Перевод от 1C)2.31 GB2021-05-2840RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Русские обложки игр.906.7 MB2021-05-2210RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Spawn: Armageddon [RUS / PAL]2.18 GB2021-05-2230RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Saints Row [GOD] [Freeboot] [Region Free / ENG]7.08 GB2021-05-1150RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] HDD ready Русский Пак [RUS / Пиратки] [RUS / REGION FREE]492.21 GB2021-05-0823RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360E] Silent Hill 2 - Restless Dreams [GOD FREEBOOT][RUS NTSC 16:9][from Tolyan366]3.04 GB2021-05-0420RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Saints Row 2 + DLC + TU [GOD] [Freeboot] [Region Free / ENG]7.42 GB2021-05-0341RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Red Ninja - End of Honor (Europe) [redump] [ENG / PAL]6.22 GB2021-04-2402RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Shadows Of The Damned [FREEBOOT / RUSSOUND]5.62 GB2021-04-2152RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] StarCraft: Ghost [ENG]463.75 MB2021-04-1620RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Saints Row 2 All DLCs + TU [FREEBOOT] [Region Free / ENG]339.09 MB2021-04-0920RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Tomb Raider Underworld All DLCs + TU [FREEBOOT] [Region Free / ENG]2.3 GB2021-04-0743RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Dead Space 1-3 [Freeboot / FullRus / RUS] + dlc37.21 GB2021-04-0652RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1-2 [Freeboot / FullRus] + dlc14.75 GB2021-04-06122RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU Black Label EXTRA [NTSC-J / JAP] [Freeboot]2.34 GB2021-04-0120RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU Black Label EXTRA [NTSC-J / JAP] [LT+ 1.9]7.3 GB2021-04-0110RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Spider-Man:Web of Shadows [Region Free / RUS]5.22 GB2021-03-2742RuTracker