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Console/XBox[Original Xbox] XEMU (v0.7.55) [ENG]49.57 MB2022-06-2800RuTracker
Console/XBox 360GoldenEye 007 Remastered Beta265.73 MB2022-06-12321337x
Console/XBoxRise_of_the_Tomb_Raider_XBOX360-HR7.3 GB2022-06-03302The Pirate Bay
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Gun [RUS/MIX]1.05 GB2022-05-1512RuTracker
Console/XBoxGrand Theft Auto_San Andreas [Spanish_ENG_FR_IT_GER][XBOX360][PA...2.33 GB2022-05-1024The Pirate Bay
Console/XBoxGrand Theft Auto V [MULTI5][Region Free][2DVDs][XDG3][COMPLEX]15.21 GB2022-05-1011718The Pirate Bay
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] XEMU (v0.7.0) [ENG]49.56 MB2022-05-0823RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Burnout Paradise [GOD / PAL / ENG] (v 1.0)2.81 GB2022-04-1452RuTracker
Console/XBox 360Fallout New Vegas Полное издание [GOD][RUS][Fix v.2.1](R.G. DShock)6.6 GB2022-04-1242RuTracker
Console/XBox 360Fallout New Vegas [GOD][RUS][Fix v.2.1](R.G. DShock)6.6 GB2022-04-1250RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] FBANext - Эмулятор игровых автоматов [Region Free / ENG]...10.92 GB2022-04-0912RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] FBANext - [Region Free / ENG]10.92 GB2022-04-0920RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] F.E.A.R Anthology [PAL / RUSSOUND]21.99 GB2022-04-0537RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Gray Matter: Призраки подсознания [PAL / RUS]4.93 GB2022-04-0520RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Gray Matter: [PAL / RUS]4.93 GB2022-04-0520RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Just Cause [PAL / RUSSOUND]5.39 GB2022-04-0520RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Dark [PAL / RUS]5.66 GB2022-04-0532RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] 007 Blood Stone [PAL / RUSSOUND]6.72 GB2022-04-0520RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] GoldenEye 007: Reloaded [PAL / RUS]7.58 GB2022-04-0520RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Sonic Adventure 2 [PAL / RUSSOUND]2.83 GB2022-04-0532RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] 007 Quantum of Solace [PAL / RUSSOUND]6.5 GB2022-04-0530RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] 007 Legends [PAL / RUSSOUND]7.36 GB2022-04-0530RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! [PAL / RUS]884.47 MB2022-04-0521RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Sonic Adventure [PAL / RUSSOUND]1.66 GB2022-04-0523RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Syberia 2 [PAL / RUSSOUND]1.01 GB2022-04-0320RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Grand Theft Auto III [ENG / RUS]1.44 GB2022-03-2020RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Spider-Man The Movie [ENG+RUS / NTSC]3.7 GB2022-03-1720RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Crazy Taxi [XBLA / FreeBoot / GOD] (music mod) [Region Free / ENG]134.66 MB2022-02-1620RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge [XBOX360 FREEBOOT] [Region Free / RUS]4.3 GB2022-02-1223RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Need For Speed: Most Wanted [RUSSOUND] [Full RUS] [Region Free / RUS]5.92 GB2022-02-1192RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Pid (Planet in Distress) [XBOX360 FREEBOOT] [Region Free / RUS]1.19 GB2022-02-1152RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] [PC][SOFT] Эмулятор Xbox 360 для PC, Xenia - Xbox 360 [Region Free / ENG]16.53 MB2022-01-2952RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] [PC][SOFT] Xbox 360 PC, Xenia - Xbox 360 [Region Free / ENG]16.53 MB2022-01-2940RuTracker
Console/XBox 360Metal Gear Solid Series Xbox 360 Emulator Direct Play7.75 GB2022-01-28531337x
Console/XBox[Xbox] James Bond 007:From Russia With Love [NTSC/RUS]1.98 GB2022-01-1825RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] [FULL][DLC] Ninja Gaiden II [RUSSOUND] (Релиз от R.G.DShock) [Region Free / Русский, Япон...6.99 GB2022-01-0824RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] [FULL][DLC] Ninja Gaiden II [RUSSOUND] ( R.G.DShock) [Region Free / ]6.99 GB2022-01-0830RuTracker
Console/XBox 360CloneCD MB2022-01-0362RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX 360] Venetica [RUSSOUND][Region Free/PAL]7.3 GB2021-11-2320RuTracker
Console/XBox 360Tony Hawks Pro Skater Series Xbox 360 Emulator Direct Play12.94 GB2021-11-14411337x
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Omerta: City Of Gangsters [Region Free/RUS]7.3 GB2021-11-1023RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Spider-Man: Web of Shadows [GOD] [Freeboot] [Region Free / ENG]7.08 GB2021-10-1823RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Cxbx Reloaded Git (2021/09/07) [ENG]5.28 MB2021-09-1930RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Remember Me [FREEBOOT / RUSSOUND]6.32 GB2021-08-1232RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Overlord II [Freeboot / RUS]2.12 GB2021-07-2443RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Blue Dragon [ISO] [Region Free / ENG]21.89 GB2021-07-2132RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Need For Speed Carbon [RUS/ENG / REGION FREE]3.05 GB2021-07-1820RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[XBOX360] Need for Speed ProStreet Complete Edition [FREEBOOT][JTAG][RUS/RUSSOUND][+TU2][+ALL DLC]5.52 GB2021-06-2673RuTracker
Console/XBox 360[Xbox 360] Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [Region Free / RUS]3.27 GB2021-06-2462RuTracker
Console/XBox[Original Xbox] Toxic Grind [ENG \ Region Free]728.59 MB2021-06-1320RuTracker